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Thriving Entrepreneur, Ahavel Aborishade, Shares 4 Things that Yoga Can Teach You about Doing Well at a New Career

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Learning yoga for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. Even if you never do learn it well, trying the activity is a good way to learn about life and how to handle yourself. Here, fitness enthusiast and tech entrepreneur, Ahavel Aborishade, shares four things yoga can teach you about doing well in your career.

You learn to be humble

When you first start yoga, you’re probably not going to be as graceful as your fellow students. It doesn’t mean that you’re bad at it; no one is good at anything when they are just starting. You need to learn how to curb your pride, look incompetent, and keep going.

It’s the same with a new career. If you are at a new job, you may feel inadequate. That’s not unexpected at this stage; there’s no way not to be self-conscious. You need to learn not to care about it. As long as you don’t let damaged pride make you quit, you’ll do fine.


You learn to try the unlikeliest things

Everything is going to be unfamiliar when you go to a yoga class. Your expectations for how to perform well may come from other fields, and they don’t necessarily apply to yoga. Many pieces of advice like strange health supplements or water-drinking habits are likely to appear ridiculous. Nevertheless, when you try them, you see benefits that you never imagined.


When you first start at a new job, you’re going to hear all kinds of advice on how to be better. If you work at a law office, for instance, someone might tell you how in the beginning, learning to write an effective CV is more important than gaining work experience. Rather than scoff at such unlikely counsel, you should try it. More often than not, unfamiliar advice does work.


Love your discomfort

If you’re very uncomfortable in a yoga class and it feels like everybody knows ten times more than you do, it’s possible that it only means that you’re in the right place. A good, challenging activity usually feels that way. The secret, then, is not to hate your fear or discomfort, but to embrace it. You get these feelings not when you’re weak, but when weakness leaves you.


When you’re at a new career, it may feel as if you’re spending more time feeling fearful rather than getting any work done. You need to know that it only feels this way because you’re addressing an area of weakness. If you keep going, there is every chance that you will learn about your job and, before long, not feel fearful at all.


But know that there should be no actual pain

Yoga can be painful if you don’t do it right. When you feel pain, you’re pushing your limits too far and might end up injuring yourself. The secret is to push yourself but not go too far.


When you’re learning at a new job, you might take on more than you have to because you want to prove how good you are getting. It’s okay to do extra work, but not too much. The idea is to know what your limits are and to push against them gently. If you break this rule, you’ll end up burning out before you even get started.


When you try something that you are not good at, it’s a learning experience. Perhaps your mind hates it and wants to retreat into its comfort zone. You want to keep at it, however, until the new activity does enter your comfort zone. You merely need to stay open to the possibility.

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